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MoocLab's Guide to Online Learning

Nowadays, there are more opportunities than ever to learn online and the experience is generally a far cry from the dull, passive one some of our older readers may remember. With the advances in education technology, online courses offer much more than just video lectures. Students are required to actively engage with the content, take regular quizzes, play games, interact in discussion forums, and collaborate virtually on team projects.

Although we may be adept at learning in other contexts, knowing how to learn online is a skill in itself, and one that has become essential in today’s world. Anyone can sign up for an online course. That’s dead easy. It’s sticking at it, keeping motivated, managing our time effectively that’s the tricky bit.

This guide is written for students and highlights what is different about learning online, what to expect, how to overcome difficulties, and how to get the most out of your online learning experience.



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