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Maggie May's Progress Log

Posted in 'Track Your Progress (NEW FORUM)' started by Maggie May, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Maggie May

    Maggie May New Member

    I love this idea, so here goes ...
    • What are you learning?
    I'm studying a degree in English Literature
    • How/where are you learning? At school, at college, online etc
    I'm in my final year at university in the UK. I also occasionally take some online courses on FutureLearn in certain related topics.
    • What are your goals?
    I'd love to find a job in journalism working preferably for a fashion magazine.
    • How will your learning help you achieve these goals?
    Studying a degree in English Literature should set me on the right path to finding an interesting and rewarding job. I have developed good writing and analytical skills which I could put to use.
    • What have you achieved so far?
    Apart from 4 years undergraduate study, I have completed a number of internships mainly in journalistic roles. These have given me a good insight into the industry and taught what I'd like to do and, more importantly what I don't want to do!
    • Do you have any examples or a portfolio of your work?
    Yes, I'll share these later.
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