Study Buddy Long Hours(if you are serious)


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Study Buddy
Ill keep it short. Im preparing for CAT and various other exams. So if youre interested in studying long hours and keeping each other on check being accountability partner.. Hit me up on my discord-thedyingimmortal
Only respond if youre serious..No shit.


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Hi Sid :) Are you still looking for study buddies?

We're a friendly group of 10+ people (used to be 50+) from all over the world – India, US, UK, Sri Lanka, and more! Join our daily Zoom study group and let's study or work together every day! We study different fields, such as computer science, finance, marketing, medicine, and many others. Some are also preparing for major exams such as MCAT, NEET, or JEE. Some are also still in highschool! All are welcome!

I'm Gus, a sociology grad student from Chicago. This awesome group supported me during my remote internship and grad school application. I'll finish the program next May. You won't feel alone with us! Also, I attached pictures of our group!

Zoom link: Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting

See you there!



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