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Learning Analytics Unraveled

Posted in 'Course Spotlights' started by Max.M, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Max.M

    Max.M New Member

    This MOOC (offered by Maastricht University) will dive into the what, why and how of Learning Analytics, including its potential pitfalls. This innovative learning experience is based on didactic materials and questions in order to nourish social learning. Knowledge is mostly shared through discussions with each other, meaning that you are of paramount importance to shape the learning experience of both yourself and others. During this MOOC of four weeks, each week will focus on a specific topic.

    After following this MOOC
    You will have acquired insight in:
    • What Learning Analytics entails
    • Why it is of importance to get started with Learning Analytics
    • How you can take the first steps in applying Learning Analytics
    • Which pitfalls can occur when applying Learning Analytics
    • How different organisations apply Learning Analytics
    • What Learning Analytics can bring us in the near future
    About this MOOC
    During this MOOC you will engage with four themes involving Learning Analytics in the innovative learning environment Curatr. Over a period of your weeks, guided by didactic materials and questions, you will be given the tools to engage with Learning Analytics yourself.

    Themes per week
    Week 1: Welcome to the MOOC:
    • Welcome to the MOOC
    • An introduction on Learning Analytics
    • Defining Learning Analytics
    • Learning Analytics applied

    Week 2: Why is Learning Analytics so important:
    • How can we learn smarter
    • Why would learning be smarter
    • What are the potentials

    Week 3: How do you apply Learning Analytics in your organisation:
    • Theoretical framework of Learning Analytics
    • Applying Learning Analytics
    • Best practices

    Week 4: What are the pitfalls with applying Learning Analytics:
    • What are the potential risks of applying Learning Analytics
    • What are the implications in practice
    • How do we avoid such pitfalls

    MOOC Facilitators
    This MOOC has been designed and will be facilitated by Simon Beausaert from Maastricht University, Simeon de Smet from The Learning Hub, Max Mertens and François Walgering from Next Learning Valley.

    Simon Beausaert is an Associate Professor workplace learning and is involved in the implementation of the topic Learning Analytics in the faculty.
    Simeon de Smet supports companies & organisations in defining an efficient and effective (digital) learning strategy and helps them with evaluating their learning with learning analytics.
    Max Mertens works as a Data Scientist advising organisations and educational institutes on how to implement and conduct Learning Analytics based on xAPI and Machine Learning.
    François Walgering works as a Learning Innovator advising organisations and educational institutions on innovative learning such as Learning Landscapes, Learning Record Stores (LRS), MOOCs, SPOCs, Content Curation and Gamification.
    Melvyn Hamstra is an Assistant Professor at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University and is involved in understanding and explaining motivation and goal-pursuit.

    For who is this MOOC
    This MOOC is for:
    • HRD advisors and experts
    • Managers
    • Everyone who is interested in how Learning Analytics is changing and improving our educational landscape


    About the platform
    The MOOC works with the latest version of Curatr, an innovative and engaging social learning platform. Through this platform, you can access a variety of learning objects, collaborate and discuss with your peers and contribute content to enhance to course.
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