learning analytics

  1. U

    Study Buddy Python from Scratch

    Hello, I would love to connect with a study buddy to start learning Python (maybe SQL also) for data analytics. Please let me know if you are interested. Excited to start :)
  2. M

    Courses Learning Analytics Unraveled

    This MOOC (offered by Maastricht University) will dive into the what, why and how of Learning Analytics, including its potential pitfalls. This innovative learning experience is based on didactic materials and questions in order to nourish social learning. Knowledge is mostly shared through...
  3. Coursera

    Coursera Assessment for Learning

    Overview For several decades now, assessment has become an increasingly pressing educational priority. Teacher and school accountability systems have come to be based on analysis of large-scale, standardized summative assessments. As a consequence, assessment now dominates most conversations...
  4. edX

    edX Analytics for the Classroom Teacher

    Overview Do you want to be more reflective in your teaching practice and wonder if there are technologies that can help? Are you curious about how data-driven, evidence-based teaching practices can improve your students’ learning? This is the course for you! Analytics for the Classroom Teacher...
  5. edX

    edX Learning Analytics in Higher Education

    Overview This course gives an overview of learning analytics in higher education and introduces the SHEILA framework that can be used to support strategy and policy formation in addition to readiness assessment. The course begins with an introduction to the concept of learning analytics and...