How much do MOOCs cost?

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    In most cases, you can access the course material for free although often there will be some premium "extras" such as graded assignments and certificates which you have to pay for.

    Typically, there are two ways you can enrol on a MOOC:
    • Audit option - By selecting to audit a course, you will have access to videos, readings, and forums for free.
    • Purchase option - This option will give you access to all the content, as well as the premium extras.
    The cost of premium extras varies for each MOOC provider and course. Some offer a monthly subscription fee, others charge a one-off fee per course. If you can’t afford to pay, some MOOC platforms provide Financial Aid or a Scholarship to take a particular MOOC. Find out more here.

    Note that some courses offer a free trial and a small number of courses do not offer the audit option.

    For more information on getting free access to MOOCs, see our Guide - How to study MOOCs for free
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