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Courses FutureLearn Collaborates with Industry Leaders to Deliver Tech-Focused Microcredentials


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FutureLearn has partnered with Coventry University to launch a new suite of technology focused microcredentials designed to upskill learners in digital skills. The online programs are built in collaboration with industry leaders Tableau, Amazon Web Services, Xero and Salesforce to prepare learners for industry certifications while also obtaining academic credit from Coventry University, ranked one of the top 15 UK universities for 5 years running.

Microcredentials are short, accredited, online courses designed to help learners develop skills and expertise in areas that are highly valued by employers. This set of microcredentials is focused on data analytics, financial analysis, cloud computing and customer success.

Coventry University has recognised the need for universities to collaborate with businesses to ensure people develop the skills employers are looking for, and with rapid technological innovation driving a shift in the core skills needed in the workplace, digital skills are becoming more in-demand than ever.

James Eiloart, Tableau’s SVP EMEA, said: “Now, more than ever, people everywhere – regardless of industry or role – need data skills to make decisions. Companies and individuals must be able to adapt, grow, and most importantly, navigate with data. Building up data literacy skills is therefore one of today’s most critical priorities, so I’m thrilled to see this collaboration with our Tableau Academic program come to life and make a real impact on individuals – for both current and future generations of workers.

Ian Dunn, Provost at Coventry University, said: “I’m delighted to see the launch of these microcredentials, which will help learners around the world to develop new skills and acquire knowledge to improve their professional performance. Continuous professional development and remaining competitive in an ever-changing job market are values that we encourage in our own graduates, and we see microcredentials as an effective and affordable way to achieve this.

The microcredentials launching include:

Data Analytics microcredential with Tableau, designed as a pathway for individuals seeking data analyst and business analytics roles, as well as for professionals across all sectors that increasingly rely upon data analysis to perform their role. Transforming huge amounts of data into meaningful insights has become an essential practice in business, with LinkedIn reporting Analytical Reasoning as one of the most in demand skills of 2020. This microcredential will help learners develop core quantitative data analysis skills to manage and analyse complex data sets.

Cloud Computing Professional is aimed at those looking to accelerate their career in cloud computing, preparing learners for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification. Cloud is one of the most critical technological developments powering the transformation of organisations, with IDC predicting that worldwide expenditure on public cloud services will more than double by 2023. On this microcredential, learners will develop their fundamental understanding of cloud computing with strong contextualisation in business applications.

Financial Analysis and Decision Making with Xero and Tableau aims to help all levels of finance and business professionals, as well as entrepreneurs, develop their ability to understand and interpret financial data to drive key business decisions. According to the 'Solving the UK Skills Shortage - Accounting & Finance report, analytics is one of the most in-demand skills in the finance sector and this microcredential will help learners to analyse data and produce valuable financial insights.

The Customer Success microcredential with Salesforce is designed to help learners develop their customer experience and success skills and increase their ability with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques and technologies. LinkedIn has listed Customer Success Managers as one of the most promising jobs and this microcredential will help learners build their customer success capabilities and also prepare them for the Salesforce Administrator certification, should they wish to progress further.

Justin Cooke, Chief Content & Partnerships Officer at FutureLearn, said:
The workplace is transforming during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the UK alone, at least 4 million workers have been furloughed as a result of the crisis. Collaboration between universities and businesses will be key in helping people gain in-demand skills. We’re proud to partner with over a quarter of the world’s top universities, including forward-thinking universities like Coventry, and leading technology companies that recognise this need to work together to equip professionals with the right skills, not just for the current climate but for the future.

For the full list of Microcredentials on FutureLearn, visit Microcredentials and Online Programs - FutureLearn


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