Find Jobs with MOOC-Friendly Employers

MoocLab is excited to announce a new job board putting you in touch with employers who recognise the value of candidates who develop their skillset through online education.

People who pursue their education online are driven, hard-working individuals who are often looking to develop or gain skills in order to advance in their career. Over the past few years, MOOC platforms have recognised this demand and shifted their focus towards providing skill-based learning programs covering a range of in-demand skills in IT, Business, Marketing, Finance and more.Today, with the increasing number of opportunities available to upskill using MOOCs or other online courses, professionals are able to keep on top of those in-demand skills that employers are looking for.

That is why MoocLab has created a place where job-seekers can find vacancies with employers who recognise the power of MOOCs and other skill-based online courses in tackling the skills gap. These employers often use MOOCs themselves to develop skills within their existing workforce.

MoocLab's Job Board helps you find jobs across the globe with leading industry names such as PayPal, L'Oréal, Ingram Micro, Telenor and more.

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