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EdX Now & Next: Transforming Education

Not-for-profit MOOC platform edX recently published their first Impact Report which highlights their key achievements since launching in 2012 and their vision around transforming education in the future.

From the launch of their first MOOC, Circuits and Electronics by MIT, edX's mission has been to transform education through digital technology: "By opening the classroom through MOOCs, edX brings the best courses from the best schools to millions of learners around the world."


Image source: edX Impact Report 2020

In addition to the 3,000+ open courses delivered on the edX.org platform, possibly the company's biggest impact lies in its open source software, Open edX - "The world’s largest MOOC platform" currently the national learning platform for France, Israel, Jordan, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Portugal, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Switzerland, and offering over 30,000 courses to 50 million learners.


Image source: edX Impact Report 2020

edX has also been instrumental in the the advancement of educational research by providing valuable data allowing instructional designers and data scientists to explore how students learn, the results of which include understanding how to optimize learner engagement (edX and MIT), implementing a machine learning recommendation algorithm (UC Berkeley), creating a Peer Instruction Tool (University of British Columbia), and demonstrating the feasibility of adaptive learning (Harvard University).

Transforming education continues to be edX's main drive looking ahead, with a focus on modular credentials to meet the needs of both employers and employees in a rapidly evolving world of work. After the demonstrated success of the MicroMasters® programs and Professional Certificate programs, edX are now looking to offer stackable modular credentials for full degrees with the introduction in 2020 of MicroBachelors™ Programs - a series of career-relevant, credit-backed undergraduate online courses that "will be transformative for learners unable to attend or afford traditional bachelor’s degree programs".

"edX remains focused on (…) creating a future where everyone has access to the highest quality education. We envision a world where universities and corporations work together with us to reimagine education in a way that transforms the lives of global citizens and positively impacts the generations to come. We are excited for this future, and look forward to continuing our impact and reaching millions more learners." (edX Impact Report 2020)

See the full edX 2020 Impact Report PDF


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