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Courses Career Skills for the 2020s: Navigating the Online World of Work


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In partnership with UK-based learning platform FutureLearn.com, Coventry University Online is announcing the launch of a new course, ‘Career Skills for the 2020s: Navigating the Online World of Work’, designed to help learners identify the career skills they need to upskill in their sector or to seek a new job online.

The course aims to improve learners' confidence by focussing on soft skills such as communication, emotional intelligence and resilience, alongside the digital skills needed to work online, and is specifically designed for individuals across England without a degree who are working in jobs at risk of redundancy, or have recently been furloughed or made redundant.

The course is also a sponsored course, which means that learners will receive an automatic free upgrade when they join, giving unlimited access to the course content and a printable digital certificate upon successful completion.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Discuss key characteristics and requirements of the 2020s workplace, including how digital technology is changing practices at work and in education/training
  • Summarise your work skills and strengths, identify areas that need development, and plan how to address these in order to achieve your career goals
  • Explore how digital communications are designed, eg for particular audiences, purposes and effects
  • Interpret and respect the different norms of communicating in different spaces, eg professional, social, personal
  • Describe the features of an effective presentation and use this knowledge to design and develop your own presentations
  • Identify key factors that are associated with motivation and engagement at work
  • Demonstrate that you can use the internet to find information and resources to help you make decisions and solve problems based on digital evidence
  • Collaborate actively in discussion forums: post reviews, comments, ‘likes’ etc
  • Identify, choose and use digital learning resources and tools
  • Explore techniques to manage your emotions by strengthening your emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Assess the term resilience, recognise the skills you can practise to increase your resilience and identify strategies that allow you to adapt to challenging situations
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