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Brand New Programs, Degrees & Courses on edX

Posted in 'New Courses' started by MoocLab, Feb 5, 2020.

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    A lot has been happening so far in 2020 on MOOC platform edX. Here’s a rundown of all the exciting courses and programs that have been released over the last month. And edX promises there will more news and announcements to come in the near future!

    Click on a course title to go to the course page.
    Programs & Degrees
    Top courses in 2020

    Master’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences
    1-2 Years | $22,500 | The University of Texas at Austin

    MicroBachelors® Program in Computer Science Fundamentals
    6 Months | $500 | New York University

    MicroBachelors® Program in Information Technology Career Framework
    6 Months | $1,347 | Western Governors University

    MicroMasters® Program in Finance
    1 Year | $2,025 | Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    Professional Certificate Program in Applied AI
    9 Months | $434 | IBM

    Professional Certificate Program in Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence
    6 months | $260 | Harvard University

    Professional Certificate Program in IBM Data Science
    1 Year | $385 | IBM

    Top courses in 2020

    Essentials of Data Literacy
    Davidson College
    Enroll Now ▸

    Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI
    Davidson College
    Enroll Now ▸

    Ethics in AI and Big Data
    The Linux Foundation
    Enroll Now ▸


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