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Allversity is an online educational platform providing free access to open courses in traditional subjects like math, science, and history, as well as hosting practical courses in health, agriculture, entrepreneurship, life skills, and human rights. Allversity’s aim is to reach young people particularly in developing countries and enable them to acquire the essential skills and knowledge to improve their lives and communities.

The more traditional courses in maths, science and history are curated from other sites such as Khan Academy and Crash Course, and Allversity simply gives its users direct access to the content. The “Community course” offerings are designed and created by partner organisations and volunteers. The courses are predominantly video based, with some offering quizzes, review questions and links to other resources available on the web. Each lesson has an assigned discussion area for students to interact with each other on the topic. Users can also share courses with other on social media and offer feedback.

The courses are freely accessible without registration, but signing up allows users to track their course progress.

Allversity does not award degrees or certificates for its courses.

Tools & Features
  • 27+ courses
  • 300+ lessons
  • Personal Course library with progress tracking for registered members
  • Video, text, quizzes, review questions and links to other resources
  • Lesson discussion board

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