About edX certificates


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EdX currently offers two types of certificates:
  • Verified certificates for single courses
  • Program certificates for programs
Note that not all courses offer certificates, and archived courses do not award certificates.

Verified Certificates
Verified certificates are available for a fee that varies by course. You earn a verified certificate by passing the course with the required grade in the verified track. You must also verify your identity on edX before the verification deadline in the course.

Program Certificates
You earn program certificates when you have earned a verified certificate for each course in the program. edX offers program certificates for MicroMasters™, Professional Certificate, and XSeries programs.

EdX certificates are delivered online through edx.org. EdX does not offer physical copies of certificates by mail. Once course grades are finalized, if you earned a certificate you will see a link to view this on your dashboard.

Many self-paced courses issue certificates as soon as a student has a passing score.

You can print out your certificate using the printer icon in the upper right when viewing your certificate or share it on social media.

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