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  • Skill Level:
    Beginner to Advanced
    8-week courses $3,000; 4-week course $1,500
    HTML, CSS, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, Ruby on Rails
    Live sessions, weekly projects
    Course Length:
    4 & 8 weeks (5 to 30+ hours/week depending on skill level & circumstances)
    Baseline understanding of topics covered is recommended
    Software/Hardware Requirements:
    Unix based operating environment

    Code Union is an online solution for people with busy schedules to learn new technical skills. Currently, Code Union offers 4 workshops:
    • Fundamentals of Web Development (8 weeks) :Ruby & JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the DOM Basic SQL. Suitable for busy professionals and aspiring developers who want to learn how to code, build basic web applications & prototypes, and work more effectively with engineering teams.
    • Rails, TDD, and Professional Engineering (8 weeks): Advanced Rails, Automated testing & TDD. This workshop for intermediate students dives deep into the professional aspects of software development, with an emphasis on group projects, teamwork, automated testing & TDD, maintainability, and other skills one traditionally learns on the job. Ruby and Rails are the core framework.
    • Topics in Computer Science (8 weeks): This workshop is aimed at advanced students and covers core topics in pure computer science, with an emphasis on data structures and analysis of algorithms. Topics include lists, trees, graphs, and the algorithms associated with them.
    • SQL Deep-Dive & Metrics (4 weeks): SQL, Basic statistics and analytics,
    The workshops,where students are organised into groups according to their availability, meet twice a week for approximately two hours each session, giving students an opportunity to get hands on keyboard time with instructors and other students or get a guided tour of a particular piece of code or concept. Live sessions also have interactive time where instructors and students collaboratively build software. Further feedback and support is offered through Slack (coder messenger board) and a GitHub tool.

    Tools & Features

    • Pre-course 60 minute video interview to assess skill level, motivation, expectations etc
    • Bi-weekly live sessions with peers & staff
    • Weekly projects
    • Slack: coder messenger board for support & feedback
    • GitHub code feedback tool
    • Payment plan options
    • Pro-rated refund option up to the mid-point of a workshop
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "Great for aspiring coders with busy schedules"
    Content & Instruction:
    Fun Factor:
    Pros - Flexible hours depending on availability
    Good support & Feedback
    Students organised into groups
    Variety of languages
    Cons - Only 2 mentors
    Limited hours
    Code Union offers the flexibility needed for aspiring coders who don't have the time to commit to a totally immersive program, and provides its graduates with a good foundation and prospective job opportunities.


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