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Coding Bootcamp RMOTR

Online Python Web Development and Data Science bootcamp

General Information

Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced
$349 USD per month
Python, Control flow, data types, data structures, algorithms in general
Two classes per week (2hs each) + some solo work + projects
Course Length
4 months (10 hours a week)
Project Portfolio
A good understanding of how computers work is desired
Software/Hardware Requirements

RMOTR is a 4-month online bootcamp in Python Web Development and Data Science with instructors and mentors available on a daily basis to provide instructional aid. The platform is organized so that students build effective study habits through a weekly routine while tracking progress to guarantee excellent results.

The program starts from the very basics and covers control flow, data types, data structures, algorithms in general. RMOTR also include prep work for the course in case you need extra help. Students are expected to commit at least 10 hours per week, and the course includes two live classes per week (2hs each) + some solo work + projects. Aside from the classes that have a fixed schedule, you can arrange the rest of the time in whatever way works better for you (weekends, nights, mornings, etc).

During the program, students are organised into teams to work on projects together and have access to a mentor at any time. In addition to the classes, students practice resolving hundreds of exercises in a coding platform and build a personal portfolio with dozens of cool projects. Career Experts work with students based on their requirements and goals to help them land their dream job.

Pricing is on a pay-as-you-go basis at $349 USD per month. The bootcamp offers a free trial which includes two weeks of prep work material plus an entire week of classes and full mentor support.

Course Info

Course Cost
Low-Cost Courses
Skill Type
  1. Technical Skills
Course Type
  1. Bootcamps
Course Format
  1. Scheduled
Course Language
  1. English
  1. Project Portfolio


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