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Coding Bootcamp Lambda School

The depth of a 4-year degree, the practicality of a bootcamp!

General Information

Best for
Strong problem solvers
Skill Level
Free until you find a job
Data Science, Full Stack Web Development
Interactive Remote
Course Length
6 months (full time) or 12 months (part time)
Lambda School is not accredited. Our certificate programs are approved in a variety of applicable states.
Software/Hardware Requirements
Minimum - 1.6 GHz Processor, 4 GB RAM, 120 GB Hard Drive, Web Cam, Microphone
Link to Website
Lambda - logo.png
Train remotely to become a web developer or a data scientist and pay no tuition until you’re hired.

Short 12-week bootcamps can only skim the surface of what you need to know to be successful as a web developer or data scientist, and the skyrocketing costs of college places it out of reach for many. For those seeking the depth of a 4-year degree at a fraction of the cost, Lambda School offers a new path to a rewarding career. We asked hundreds of top tech companies what skills they look for in candidates and then designed our live, remote programs to include learning activities that help you master each key skill. Lambda School covers not only the fundamentals of computer science, but also gives you the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge. Learn by building real products and graduate with over 900 hours of coding experience.
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