Which is the most enjoyable programming language that you have written in?

Posted in 'Learning to code' started by Quora Feeds, Feb 26, 2016.

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    Vladislav Zorov

    Ultimately, all programming languages suck - they are good at specific types of programs, and horrible at everything else. The language designers always have some specific use cases in mind, and optimize for them.
    So I'd say the Lisps - because they allow you to take over the language designer role, so you can customize them as much as you want. I only have experience with Racket, but I hear Common Lisp is pretty cool, too. Of course, the customization takes effort, but it's easy enough that it pays off.
    However, if I weren't allowed to "cheat" that way, I think Python is a nice "pre-built" alternative, in that most small programs in it look good. It has been called "executable pseudocode", which is IMHO the highest praise a language can receive.
    For medium/large programs, you'll want a static type system, but I don't have enough experience with such projects to say what is enjoyable there. But generally when given a choice between C# and something else, I'd choose (a modern) C#.
    P.S. Luis Argerich you are not alone :D

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