What's better: an EdX MicroMasters or a Coursera Specialization?

Posted in 'Q&A' started by James007, Apr 26, 2018.

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  1. James007

    James007 Guest

    Calling all experienced Mooc-ers! Which of the two would you recommend: a MicroMasters on EdX or a Specialization on Coursera? Thanks
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  2. MeganF

    MeganF Guest

    Hi James,

    I have taken diffferent courses/specializations on Coursera and have recently started on EdX. I personally would recommend the Micromasters but I guess it depends on the content, price, and future outcome you are looking for.

    I am hoping to start the MBA core curriculum Micromasters on EdX soon. It can be used towards one of their actual Masters degrees if I were to do that in the future. They don't have something really close to it on Coursera for what I want. The price varies too. With Coursera you pay per month now, so the faster you go, the cheaper. EdX is a little more expensive but again, it all comes down to what kind of class you are looking to take.

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