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Web Platform's Web Development for Beginners


Web Platform's Web Development for Beginners is basically a page providing a list of articles that are designed to help you understand the basics of web development. The Beginners section covers the various aspects of web development separated in 9 parts with links to each article. The guides are written for complete beginners to the world of website code, who don't know what to learn first, and just need a single point that will lead them in the right direction with confidence. The series of articles guides you through all the basics of web design and development, so you can get up to speed relatively quickly, learning just enough to not feel lost and overwhelmed, and get comfortable with the area in general. This particular course's approach is different from most other web development introductory courses because it tries to give you important background information of how the web works.
The tutorials aim to make you confident and comfortable with the usage and coding of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Further, it will make you familiar with the structuring, planning, and testing of websites, offline or online.

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