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Courses Online Courses to Land In-Demand Jobs during COVID-19


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Based on LinkedIn's recent post, The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now, we have looked at the jobs where you can gain the skills relatively quickly through MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses. These jobs are Retail Sales Specialist, Fundraiser, Tax Specialist, Application Developer, System Analyst, and SEO Specialist. See below for a description of each role, the key skills needed and the recommended online courses to gain those skills.


Retail Sales Specialist
A Retail Sales Specialist works in retail stores, providing customer service and completing sales. Other responsibilities include overseeing the stocking of shelves and effectively merchandizing products.

Key Skills: Salesmanship, Communication skills, Persuasive Speaking, Interpersonal skills

Recommended Courses

Fundraisers coordinate functions in order to raise funds for organizations. They organize events, design marketing and promotional materials, and recruit sponsors.

Key Skills: Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Sales and Negotiation skills, Communication skills

Recommended Courses

Tax Specialist
A Tax Specialist is responsible for tax compliance or tax planning. This includes advising clients on ways to reduce their tax bill or preparing and submitting tax returns forms.

Key Skills: Numeracy, Problem Solving, Commercial Awareness, Communication skills

Recommended Courses

Application Developer
An Application Developer (also known as a Software Developer or Software Architect) is responsible for for translating software requirements into workable programming code.

Key Skills:
  • Programming languages (will depend on the type of developer role). Most in-demand languages are JavaScript, Java, Python, C++ and PHP
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
Recommended Courses

System Analyst
A System Analyst analyses how well IT solutions fit the needs of a business and set out requirements for new systems as well as help implement them and monitor their effectiveness.

Key Skills: Knowledge of hardware, software and programming, Teamworking skills, Analytical skills, Interpersonal and Communication skills, Problem-solving skills

Recommended Courses

SEO Specialist
An SEO Specialist identifies strategies, techniques and tactics to improve a website's ranking on search engines.

Key Skills: Content, Digital & Social Media Marketing, Knowledge of search engine optimization practices, Marketing Analytics, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving

Recommended Courses
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