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Online Courses to Improve your Career Prospects

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Carolyn, May 18, 2017.

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  1. Carolyn

    Carolyn Administrator Staff Member

    Suffolk, UK

    Online Courses to Improve your Career Prospects

    Are you doing the right things to move your career forward? There are lots of things you probably know you should be doing, but do you actually do them or even know HOW to do them?

    Career success.jpg

    Building the right skills is more important than ever in today's job environment if you want to improve your employability or advance in your current workplace. With people increasingly regularly changing jobs and even careers several times in a lifetime, being able to self-manage your professional development and achieve a competitive advantage is essential.

    MOOCs and online courses provide a great opportunity to build in-demand workplace skills and differentiate yourself from your competition. MoocLab has curated the top MOOCs which will help you gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed in your career. Click here to view courses

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