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Você é falante de português? Você está com sorte! Coursera is excited to announce a big push to create a robust and cohesive Portuguese content catalogue in high-demand fields from leading universities in Brazil such as University of São Paulo (USP), Fundação Instituto de Administração, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, University of Campinas, and Insper.

Coursera is committed to helping our Brazilian partners produce high quality content. A team of pedagogy and platform specialists went to USP to lead a two-day workshop where university course creation teams underwent a rigorous training.

Once the initial course elements were designed, university partners were given the opportunity to translate theory into practice through platform walkthroughs and hands-on sessions. They learned how to create effective learning goals, engaging videos, and relevant assessments that will give learners the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of real-world skills. They were also given production milestones and resource mapping support that is necessary to successfully plan the creation of a course on Coursera.

Based on survey results, 100% of partners left feeling confident to create and launch a high quality course. “We are in love with Coursera! It is one of our main projects here at the Entrepreneurship Center. We learned a lot from the workshop and the mentoring sessions. We wouldn’t be able to understand online learning and how to fix our problems if we didn’t attend the Coursera workshop.” said Juliana Uechi of University of São Paulo.

Coursera’s educational approach was developed by analyzing billions of data points that are generated by 27 million learners around the world. Workshop sessions leveraged data from this large user base to share knowledge of best practices for online course creation, build relationships, and expand capacity for course teams. Partners were equipped with the tools, knowledge, and best practices to feel prepared to launch a successful course. These workshops are a key resource for instructors and one of the main drivers of high quality content.

“Since 95% of the course teams creating content in Portuguese were new to creating content in Coursera and were generating a high volume of content, I saw a clear need to provide a workshop training for our partners in Brazil,” said Angela Romero, Regional Manager from Brazil.

We’re excited about expanding access to high quality education in Brazil — stay tuned!

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