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MoocLab celebrates its first Birthday!

Posted in 'Articles by the MoocLab Community' started by Carolyn, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Carolyn

    Carolyn Founder at MoocLab Staff Member

    Suffolk, UK
    MoocLab went live on September 15th 2014. Take a look at our journey during our first year.

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    MoocLab was created to raise awareness around online learning and MOOCs with a view to becoming a central hub where learners could get information and guidance to help them reach their educational goals via online study.

    September 15th 2014

    MoocLab started as a simple forum for people to discuss topics and get answers connected to online learning and MOOCs. The interface was very basic with the discussion threads as the main feature of the homepage.


    October 2014

    We introduced MoocLab’s Mooc Scoop – our Scoop.it Page giving users access to all the latest news on e-learning and MOOCs from across the Internet, all in one place.

    Mooc Scoop Oct 2014.png

    January 2015

    The next stage was to add resources that would be useful to online learners, starting with the launch of our Reviews section with independent reviews and ratings of platforms offering free and low-cost online courses. So far, MoocLab has reviewed over 100 e-learning platforms offering online educational material and courses to help learners make the right choices for their online education. We continue to review more platforms and aim to grow this part of the site considerably, covering all areas of free and low-cost online alternatives to traditional education. So, keep watching this space for more reviews!

    April 2015

    April saw the first publications of our free tips and guides providing information and advice for learners wishing to pursue their education online. Currently, users have access to over 35 free resources ranging from how to get started with online learning to gaining college credit using MOOCs to recommended learning pathways to bridge the Skills Gap. Again, we plan to grow this resource to provide information and guidance in many different areas of e-learning.

    With the addition of these new resources and features, we made a few tweaks to the homepage with more defined link buttons to the different areas of the site

    MoocLab screenshot 290515.png

    July 2015

    July was a very exciting month with the launch of our new design and logo – a much fresher, cleaner look.

    Home Page 1.jpg

    MoocLab Forums.jpg

    And the launch of our Find a Study Buddy Online tool which allows members to get matched and connect with compatible study partners for their online courses based on their interests, study preferences and even specific courses.
    Study Buddy.png

    We have come a long way from our humble beginnings a year ago, but MoocLab is still in its infancy and we are very excited to nurture it and watch it grow, finding its place at the heart of connecting people to online learning.

    To celebrate our 1st birthday, each day over the coming weeks we will be posting weird and wonderful facts about MoocLab’s past, present and future that you may not know about. Click here to discover them.

    Of course, we’d love to read your comments or questions to these posts.

    Also, tell us what you think is great about MoocLab below.


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  2. Nina

    Nina Active Member

    MoocLab is great because it gives us access to a lot of useful information and guidance in one place without having to spend ages searching the internet. MoocLab is exactly what was needed in the e-learning space so well done!
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  3. LDK

    LDK Member

    Happy Birthday, MoocLab - and thank you for all your hard work, Carolyn!:)
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  4. Bluebeard

    Bluebeard Member

    Happy Birthday MoocLab - loving the resources. Keep them coming!
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  5. Ramon

    Ramon Member

    Happy Birthday MoocLab... keep up with this wonderful work!!!!!
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  6. Muvaffak GOZAYDIN

    Muvaffak GOZAYDIN Active Member Study Buddy Expert

    Sep.14, 2015
    Happy birthday .
    Today is 30.January.2016
    Please keep up .
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