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Misunderstandings, emergencies, or accidents can happen to anyone. That is why it is good to think ahead of time about what kind of policy you, as a tutor, will enforce when you encounter problems with a student such as delaying or missing lessons.

Whether you decide on a policy for all students or choose to deal with each student individually, it is good to have an idea of what your expectations are and how you will communicate with your students if problems do come up.

What are the MoocLab policies?

The MoocLab policy on rescheduling classes is that this is best handled between the student and the tutor, but we will step in if the student and tutor cannot come to an agreement.

MoocLab expects tutors to:
  • Respond to all lesson reschedule requests within 48 hours
  • Begin and end lessons on time
  • Make an effort to communicate with students if the lesson must be rescheduled
  • If there are problems, try to come to an agreement with the student before contacting MoocLab
  • Use MoocLab's messaging system to keep an official record in case of conflict
MoocLab expects students to:
  • Inform tutors at least 24 hours in advance if a lesson must be cancelled or rescheduled. If not, then we consider that the tutor has the right to claim payment for the lesson.
  • Respect tutors' individual rescheduling and cancellation policies, assuming that these policies are consistent with MoocLab platform standards.
  • If there are problems, make an effort to come to an agreement with the tutor before contacting MoocLab
  • Use MoocLab's messaging system to keep an official record in case of conflict
If there is a conflict, and if MoocLab staff can see that the tutor has clearly communicated a reasonable policy, then whenever possible, we will honor the tutor's policy.

If a student wants to reschedule, refund, or cancel a lesson, then we hope that you will be considerate of the student, but you are not required to agree.

We highly recommend that whenever possible, you try to reschedule for a different time instead of cancelling. If you must cancel, then the best time to do that is before the lesson time, and before rescheduling.

What are my options as a tutor?

So long as you are following MoocLab policies and being respectful of your students, you are free to set your own personal Terms & Conditions on what you will agree to, but please do your best to comply with students' wishes if it is both reasonable and possible for you.

Whatever you choose, make your Terms & Conditions clear to your students ahead of time so they know what to expect and are not surprised or disappointed if you have to enforce your them later.

Rescheduling before the lesson:

If a student contacts you before the lesson time and asks to reschedule, please do try to comply, especially if the student has a good reason or an emergency. Try to give them the benefit of the doubt, and if it is possible for you to reschedule, please try to do so.

If you allow only a certain number of reschedules or require that the student give you a certain amount of warning, please make this part of your Terms & Conditions and communicate it to the student. For example, you might have a policy of only allowing students to reschedule three times, or expecting students to give you 36 hours' advance notice to reschedule.

Rescheduling after the lesson:

If you have a general policy of not rescheduling missed lessons, make sure this is clear to the students; that way, they will not be disappointed if they aren't able to reschedule.

If a student misses a lesson WITHOUT informing you first, and then requests to reschedule the class:

  • It is your choice to agree or disagree. Especially if the student had an accident, emergency, or honest misunderstanding, we hope you will agree. But, at the same time, it is within your rights to decline and request payment for the lesson.
If you decline:
  • Politely inform the student that they may request a new lesson, but that you should be paid for your time under the original agreement.
How do I publish my personal Terms & Conditions?

You can post your personal Terms & Conditions while setting up your Tutor Resource Page. Students will have to accept your terms before making a purchase.

Make sure to make a reasonable policy. Creating unreasonable policies will turn off students. MoocLab defines unreasonable policies as never allowing for a cancellation or not giving a lesson if the student is less than 15 minutes late.


Make sure your students understand your Terms & Conditions. When you first get a request from a new student, you could send them a message with your Terms & Conditions.


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