How do you unenroll from a Course on Coursera?

Discussion in 'MOOC FAQ' started by Carolyn, Nov 27, 2015.

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  1. Carolyn

    Carolyn Administrator Staff Member

    Suffolk, UK

    You can un-enroll from a course at any point, unless you have earned a Coursera Accomplishment in the course. There is no penalty for remaining enrolled in courses you do not finish or pass.

    To un-enroll from a course's free track:
    1. Navigate to your My Courses page
    2. Find the course you'd like to un-enroll from in the list
    3. At the top right corner of the course description box, click the downward arrow
    4. Select Leave Course from the drop-down menu
    To un-enroll from a course's Signature Track:
    1. Navigate to your Signature Track Settings page
    2. Click un-enroll (or un-enroll and refund, if within the refund period)
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