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Hack Reactor Remote Beta



Remote Beta is the online version of Hack Reactor’s campus coding bootcamp which provides a 12-week intensive course equipping students with the necessary skills to become JavaScript developers. As a Hack Reactor student, you will learn to think like a software engineer by building production-ready web applications, and developing a cutting edge digital/remote collaboration skillset and toolkit. The program focuses on project-based learning, hack/pair programming, and industry tools like Git, Backbone, Rails, Unix, and TDD testing frameworks. On acceptance in the Hack Reactor program (after taking the Admissions Challenge), remote students participate in the same daily routine as onsite Cohort members: 9am – 8pm PST, Mon-Sat for 12-immersive weeks divided into two 6 week periods, with one week break in between. Chat rooms are open 24/7 allowing students to interact with each other socially or to go over assignments. New courses run about every 7 weeks and have a start and end date.

Tools & Features
  • Admissions Challenge (Preparation materials are available)
  • Project-based learning, lecture videos, video conferencing with Q&A sessions
  • Hack/pair programming
  • Online Help desk
  • Bookable “office hour” meetings with the Lead Instructor
  • Pastoral care
  • Virtual “Kitchen” to hang out with peers and instructors during meal breaks
  • Set pre-course prep work
  • Job assistance
  • Payment deferral program for outstanding applicants (international students are not accepted for this program)

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