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Courses Guided Projects and Career Learning Paths on Coursera


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This year, MOOC platform Coursera has added two new learning products to its portfolio with the launch of Guided Projects and Career Learning Paths.

Since launching in April this year, Coursera announced that its Guided Projects have attracted over a million enrollments - the fastest product to reach such a milestone on Coursera. Guided Projects are hands-on learning experiences where you can gain job-relevant skills in less than two hours with step-by-step guidance from an instructor. Because they require a smaller time commitment and provide practice using tools in real-world scenarios, you build the job skills you need, right when you need them. Coursera now have more than 380 Guided Projects on the platform, with plans to offer over 1,000 by the end of the year. Projects cover everything from building foundational business, technology, and data skills, to learning techniques for transformational algorithms like neural networks and Markowitz models.

Shravan Goli, Chief Product Officer at Coursera wrote, "The pandemic has accelerated the rate of digital transformation among institutions, creating an urgent need to support skills development in new ways. With face-to-face training not possible in the current environment, institutions are using online learning to prepare for a digital future. The shift is at the heart of growing demand for Guided Projects, which offer hands-on learning experiences for job-relevant skills across data science, technology, and business."

More recently, in August, Coursera announced the launch of Career Learning Paths, a free online resource to help you find the learning content you need to reach your career goals. Currently, Coursera offers Career Learning Paths in six high-growth fields: Digital Marketing, Agile Project Management, Network Engineering, Data Engineering, Design, and Data Science. In the coming months, Coursera plan to introduce more Career Learning Paths across other growing fields.


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