Study Buddy GA Property and Casualty Insurance


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I'm already licensed in P&C but I am not working in the field because literally no one has hired me since the beginning of this year. The first and only agent I worked for basically forced me to resign because I wasn't grasping the on-job training (where they honestly did not fairly give me time to grasp the info and evaluated me on things they didn't even get around to teaching me. I was barely allowed to ask questions and approached in such a condescending manner with EVERYTHING) So my confidence is shot but I refuse to have a license and not use it. I bust my butt to earn my license and I will use it in a better agent's office or corporate setting. Every job app asks for in depth knowledge of insurance...which brings me here. Maybe if I have a study buddy I can feel more confident in my abilities to go for the job I want. Hope someone's out there that can relate..