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    FutureLearn have added many brand new courses for you to start in August and September. You could explore languages and cultures, understand finance and fraud, or simply discover something new…

    Explore languages and cultures

    Spanish Across the Americas: Beginners
    Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
    Journey across the Americas and learn the basics of the Spanish language while you discover Latin American culture.

    Cultural Heritage and the City
    European University Institute (EUI)
    Find out how cities develop their own unique heritage and project themselves as cultural hubs. Explore urban cultural heritage and key concepts related to it.

    Understand finance and fraud

    Managing Public Money
    The Open University
    Explore the key principles of public financial management. Understand how to effectively create and demonstrate value for citizens.

    The Data Explosion
    Kogod School of Business at American University
    Discover the origins of the current data explosion and learn the implications on fraud and fraud detection.

    Learn video game design

    Object-oriented Programming in Python: Create Your Own Adventure Game
    Raspberry Pi Foundation
    Learn object-oriented programming principles, by creating your own adventure game in Python.

    Game Design and Development: a Bit-by-Bit History of Video Game Music
    Abertay University
    Chart the evolution of the classic 8-bit sound and discover the role of musicians in game design.

    Address social challenges

    Volunteering with Refugees
    Cambridge English Language Assessment & Crisis Classroom
    Understand how you can best support the linguistic and social needs of refugees when volunteering.

    Achieving Sustainable Development
    Trinity College Dublin
    Discover the challenges of sustainable development. See the impact of UN Sustainable Development Goals on real people.

    Discover something new

    Learn About Weather
    University of Exeter, Met Office & RMetS
    Explore all things weather - from storms to climate - with this course that looks at the basic processes behind the weather.

    World of Spies: Keeping Secrets
    Purdue University
    Get a taste of the world of spies and spy training. Explore how secret information is collected and learn how you can keep your secrets safe.

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