Study Buddy Experienced programmer delving into Machine Learning looking for study/accountability partner(s)


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Hey everyone! I've been coding for 27 years (started at age 8... god I'm old) and became a self-taught professional developer around 2008. I started my career in PHP/MySQL and eventually moved into full-stack javascript with a heavy front-end focus. After taking some time off, I've decided it's time delve into Machine Learning for my next career move (I'm starting with the very basics on DataCamp).

I'm looking for one or more motivated individuals who want to hook up daily, perhaps on Discord, to discuss progress, ideas, and potentially collaborate on something down the line. I'm highly ambitious and motivated, and I'm spending a great deal of time daily on this endeavor. I look forward to meeting you.


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When you started coding i started going to school .
So there is huge difference
I am interested in Studying with with you
Can you tell me what Toppic are you in and which Language You are using
I Will continue Ml using python and TensorFlow As I am Familiar with computer vision........
i know WEb development , python and slowly learning C
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I'm sure by now you have picked up some basic concepts and should be flying on full swing! However if you still need a study partner to keep you checked in, I might be of help. I am nothing compared to your experience, but getting quite interested in backend (Golang) too


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I am late to this thread. By the way I am 27 and a android developer with 6 YOE experience. Let me know if you are looking out for a study buddy. My main goal here is to spend some focused hours and being accountable by discussing each others progress.