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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a person who could be my "study buddy" - someone who would like to gain some knowledge in the field of economics and business. The key element of such a "partnership" would be to discuss the concepts and ideas from the books we would choose together. We could motivate and teach each other. It would be great to chat in English and talk about our points of view and some of our doubts. We could ask each other questions and check each other's understanding of the text. We could organise a Skype or Zoom meeting once or twice a week.

About me: I'm a 36-year-old man from Poland. I used to work at a school but decided to quit a few months ago. Now I'm looking for a new way. I love riding a bike, playing chess and hiking.


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Hi happy to meet you here :)

We're a friendly group of 10+ people (used to be 50+) from all over the world – India, US, UK, Sri Lanka, and more! Join our daily Zoom study group and let's study or work together every day! We study different fields, such as computer science, finance, marketing, medicine, and many others. Some are also preparing for major exams such as MCAT, NEET, or JEE.

I'm Gus, a sociology grad student from Chicago. This awesome group supported me during my remote internship and grad school application. I'll finish the program next May. You won't feel alone with us!

Zoom link: Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting

See you there!



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