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News Another Milestone - MoocLab Passes 20K Members

MoocLab 20K Members (900X419).png
Last week, MoocLab passed another exciting milestone in our mission to support students with their learning. Over 20 thousand people have now joined the site, just three months since we celebrated 10 thousand people joining MoocLab.

In a world where remote learning is booming, our mission is to guide learners through their online learning options while providing a virtual space for focused peer-to-peer study and support.

MoocLab offers a number of resources to help our users succeed in their learning. These include:
People of all ages from many different countries use MoocLab to support their learning, and It’s exciting that we are connecting people around the world who have the same goals. Whether our users need guidance with online learning, are looking for peer support, or simply want to make new friends, we’re proud to provide a space to help learners achieve their goals. Thanks to all the people who are making MoocLab part of their everyday. We can’t wait to see where the next milestone takes us.