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Coding Bootcamp Flatiron School Web Developer Program

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  • Skill Level:
    Beginner to Intermediate
    $1,500/month ($12K max)
    Entire web development stack
    Project-based, community driven
    Course Length:
    800-1,000 hours of content/self-paced
    Learn Verification & transparent records via GitHub
    Intro to Web Development track (30 hrs of free prep work)
    Software/Hardware Requirements:
    Computer, Internet connection
    Flatiron School.png
    This Web Developer program is an online coding bootcamp offered by New York’s Flatiron School, an accelerated educational program for web and mobile development. The online program teaches students to build real software using the same tools and workflows professional software developers use every day. The open-sourced curriculum provided by Flatiron School focuses on current market trends and “is not designed to be easy” requiring “a tremendous amount of focus and dedication”. In return for such dedication, graduates are guaranteed to receive a full-time job offer within six months of completing the program and are eligible for a full tuition refund if they do not.

    Students build advanced Portfolio Projects to demonstrate their technical skills and creativity (previous projects have won prestigious tech awards, become MVPs for startups, and been presented at the White House) and immerse themselves in the technical community. Support is provided via a dynamic education team whenever you need it – in both 1:1 settings and alongside other students.

    This self-paced program gives you the flexibility to fit your studies into your life while providing the structure and support to stay on track. While students complete the full stack web developer course at a different pace, the educational services work with any learning schedule. Whether you’re looking for a part time coding bootcamp to fit around your day job or a full time bootcamp that you can attend from home, Flatiron’s online school has you covered.

    In order to be eligible, applicants are expected to complete the Intro to Web Development track which includes up to 30 hours of curriculum for free. Successful applicants will spend 600-800 hrs learning as part of the Learn community and complete at least three assessments throughout the course and pass a final evaluation in order to obtain your Learn Verification.

    Tools & Features
    • Up to 30 hours of pre-application free prep work
    • 800-1,000 hours of content focused on the entire web development stack
    • Flatiron School curriculum - 700+ lessons
    • Community support from other learners
    • Live support - Access to a team of TAs 24 hours/day
    • Project code reviews
    • 1:1 live pairing sessions with our instructors
    • Weekly instructor-led reflection session to bond with fellow students
    • Daily live lectures from Senior Flatiron School instructors
    • A massive code portfolio on Github
    • Recorded lectures from Flatiron School instructors
    • Professional workflows - Write code the real way, using Git, Bash, and a test-driven approach.
    • Study groups
    • Unrestricted access to a personal job coach
    • Job guarantee within 6 months or your money back
    • Career services
    • Rolling admissions and start dates
    • Finance options
    • Scholarships
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MoocLab, Oct 12, 2015
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "Guaranteed job as a web developer"
    Content & Instruction:
    Fun Factor:
    Pros - Guaranteed job placement
    Free prep work
    High quality curriculum
    Excellent support 24/7
    Self-paced project-based learning
    Experienced instructors
    Cons - Highly challenging
    Heavy time commitment
    Only open to US residents
    The Learn-Verified Web Developer program is an excellent online bootcamp for people committed to becoming full stack web developers with the promise of job placement for graduates (or your money back). It is however only suitable to those who are completely dedicated and are prepared to put in an enormous amount of hard work and time.


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