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World-First Free CCS Open Online Course


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Edinburgh University has launched the first ever free open online course teaching Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) - a technology that can help protect the atmosphere from excess carbon dioxide (CO2).

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The introductory 5-week course, delivered in partnership with MOOC platform EdX, is taught by a team of leading academics at the University of Edinburgh and is designed for those with an interest in energy, sustainability and climate change. It aims to "bridge the gap between the forefront of the latest developments in science, engineering, geology, policy and economics, and the wider public."

What you'll learn
Regardless of your background, the course will teach you the key elements to help you better understand
  • how to protect the atmosphere with the technology of Carbon Capture and Storage, often called CCS, from an excess of carbon dioxide
  • the fundamental drivers to make fossil fuels ‘safe to use’ in the context of the Paris Climate Change agreement of 2015
  • key sectors of the global economy where CCS can contribute to deep reductions in emissions
  • the uniqueness of CCS to complement other low-carbon technologies
  • how CCS can unlock carbon negative solutions, which will need to be used before mid-century
  • the principles of the technologies currently used to stop carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere,
  • the key elements of geology for permanently, and safely, disposing of carbon dioxide underground
  • the international state of play today
  • the scale of the industry in the 21st century

This course is available free of charge or you can choose to add a Verified Certificate for $49 USD
Starts March 15th, 2018
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