What should I write in the Description section of my resource page?

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The "Description" field is your opportunity to sell yourself! Provide a more in-depth description of you and the teaching you can offer, including your educational background, teaching methods and any relevant professional experience. If you have any teaching experience, mention that too.

What should I write?
Please DO NOT write:
  • Private contact information. Students will contact you through MoocLab's private messaging system.
  • Links to sites or services where students can book lessons. You should keep your MoocLab students learning on MoocLab.
  • Advertisements or links to other products or services. Your Tutor Resource Page is for your MoocLab lessons and not for advertising other things to students.
You should include:
  • A description of what kind of students you are looking for, or usually work with. If the student feels that you are describing them, then they will know that you can help them!
  • More details about how your background & experience prepares you to teach
  • Any specific teaching methods or materials that you typically use during your lessons.
  • Prerequisites? Is there anything the student should have or should do in advance?
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