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Free Smartly

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  2. Rashida Jones

    Rashida Jones New Member

    Smartly is a fake MBA. If they were honest and legit, they wouldn't need to spam themselves on the social networks. Nor would they need to invent several fake blog entries which all read the same. Pedago/Smartly is unaccredited, regardless of the fact they claim that they are OSSE accredited, and to claim you had an MBA here in my state, would actually be breaking the law. Smartly spam recent graduates on Linkedin using a fake ID Alison Harper. They do this to push themselves to people in their 20's, who already have a degree. It is that degree you already hold which might get you a job, when it comes time to pimp you out to a recruiter. This is not even close to a 'free lunch', because you already paid for the lunch when you were completing your bachelor's degree. Anyone who has spent 10 minutes in Higher Education, already knows full well that ticking a few boxes on courses which take minutes to complete, is not even close to completing a two year full-time MBA. An employer might well hold it against you, if you listed this on your resume and claimed to possess an MBA. He may even call you a liar.

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