Physics/ radioactive decay

Posted in 'Q&A' started by khawla, Jul 22, 2018.

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  1. khawla

    khawla Guest

    Don’t understand the atomic number and mass number for each type of radiation.
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  2. kajalsengupta

    kajalsengupta Member

    For this you need to understand the atomic structure. An atom has Protons and Neutrons in nucleus and electrons revolving around nucleus. In a neutral atom ( uncharged atom) the number of protons and neutron together gives the mass number. In a neutral atom the number of protons and electrons are also same. This number is the atomic number. Radioactive radiations are emitted from nucleus. Alpha Particle emission means emitting of alpha particle. Alpha particle consists of 2 protons and 2 neutrons. So its mass number is 4. With two protons its atomic number is 2. So a given nucleus emitting alpha particle will loose two protons, which means its atomic number will reduce by two and mass number by four. In case of beta particle emission the process is slightly different and needs elaborate explanation. If you have any queries get back to me at

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