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MOOC influences in the workplace

Posted in 'Articles by the MoocLab Community' started by JosepRamon Badia, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. JosepRamon Badia

    JosepRamon Badia Active Member

    I am absolutely convinced of the qualitative strength and effectiveness of Mooc,s becomes a crucial aspect in the workplace: empowerment or, to put it more clearly, his influence as a powerful tool for developing skills, capabilities, and talent through training.
    And this professional profile improvement should be aware of something original and voluntary attitude taken by the user, determined, committed and clear, with a default self-goal to achieve, so the learning (as a training) in the comfort of your home, at your rythm, exactly about the fields you're interested on...its an excellent way of get it!.
    And that's a high impact in the personal empowerment: as you know, in Spain, nowadays, we're suffering a serious crisis: 25% of our countrymen are unemployed, with a high risk: social exclusion of those over 45 years with long-term unemployment (over 2 years). A good MOOC portfolio could be a right solution, empowering these people.
    But also in the current workplace: for instance salesforce who need to improve their skills, adding new sales techniques, or applying an innovation culture (or way of doing) in many companies, or introducing the Coaching practises within these organizations...
    Also for entrepeneurs (eveerybody knows a lot of examples about entrepeneurship MOOCs), or simply people who wish to learn something new o more than the actually know about...app design, code, languajes, business strategies, even educational innovation! Everything is possible in the MOOC landscape.
    Currently, I'm working in City Council as a Technic, developing a MOOC platform for energize this previoulsy said empowering unemployed people, and also integrating and sharing another TIC contents as a Gamificated App for job research, enable (by level reached in these MOOC,s) entrepreneurs to launch their startup big idea shuttle nature events (a sort of Lean Startup Machine, Startup Weekend...), and I realize more deeply the power of MOOC,s in this kind of enviroment.
    And a MOOC platfor offers a lot of benefits for the Local Adm., corporations or any Institution (Business Schools, Universities, Academies, Schools...)which could be encouraged to launch this type of proposal:
    • Reducing costs-return on time, space, upgrade costs
    • Massive audience interested on the educational proposal / the own Institution
    • Test the product: launching a "prototype" of a new contents or programm, MOOC offer a high qualitative feed back
    • Increasing the prestige by their own: let yourself be viewed as technological and pedagogically leading organization.
    • A sustainable and scalable model
    It's true there is a long way to go and improve, yet (for instance: about Verifying Certifications, a public system that provides officers and value to the certificate, recognition and public value, and integrated in a centralized repository (instead many of them, "incompatible" with each other: OpenBadges, Linkedin Button...undisplayable in a single site or "folder"), and many other features to enhance....but the current strength of the MOOC system is actually incontestable.
    What do you think about? We could start a good and interesting discussion.
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