Study Buddy looking for study buddy on Sundays (I am GMT+7)


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Hi All,

I am looking for a study buddy to study together on Sundays. I usually wake up at 9 am GMT and would love to have a study buddy with a schedule.
Currently I am studying Business Management as my Graduate studies on Friday and Saturday (online class cos covid) while working at a bank (JP*****n) so I don't have many time to study except on Sundays :)

I only open this mooclab while studying haha)
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Hi, I'm in my second year of college majoring in psych and need the motivation to study. I have time on Sundays and would love to study with you. Lmk if you're interested as well as the time and place to study.

Jane Oldham

Accountability buddy desperately needed!
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Hi there!

Although I'm not a student right now, I'm up for a dedicated schedule for accountability - Sundays are good for me ... in fact, I'll be working up to 6 days per week. (probably not with the same people!!!) Also, I'm actually much older and writing & researching for a business startup, but it's essentially the same thing! The only issue I can see is that I'm in Sydney UTC+10, but that could be a good thing depending on what time you're interested in studying.

Cheers, jane