Study Buddy Looking for SP in Health sciences/Medicine and Chinese, GMT+2, long hours 6-10hrs/day.


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Hey, My name is Wafa. I'm a health care physician, currently studying for applying in Dermatology Residency. Therefore, I need to read and memories tons of topics and photos. Also, I'm interested in learning Chinese. I am on HSK level II, still a beginner. Anyway, Looking for a Study partner of 6 months at least to carry on together this long hours mission.
Would love to have an optimistic buddy, as life already is stressful enough.

Study hours range from 6 minimum to 10 or more if still can carry on.
Time Zone: UTC+2 or any near it.
Preferable to have one day off, if not still OK. Studying through Zoom Meetings, cam on,, audio off till breaks we can get to know each other. Weekly schedules and progress checkup is a must.

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