Study Buddy Looking for a buddy to help motivate me for study/work :)


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Hii, so I'm a fashion student and I need to work on my portfolio, but all I've been doing is procrastinate. I need to see someone work so that I can gear up to work too


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Hii, I'm a mechanical engineering student and I need some help to start studying for my finals cuz I just can't make myself do it, so if someone wants to be my study buddy please reach out :D

Cheng Yong Jin

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Study Buddy
heyyo, I am interested in joining the study group, I will be in my final year BSc of computer science at University of Bath, England this October and I am looking for study buddy who can help with motivation and prepping for the technical interviews during the summer break, do hit me up on discord if you are interested Yongjin#8900

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