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How does Coursera's New Professional Certificate Program Compare with edX's?


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MOOC platform Coursera announced yesterday the official launch of their Professional Certificate Programs which they describe as "similar to Specializations, but even better". The programs are designed to help learners gain marketable skills and become job-ready in in-demand career fields like information technology or data science in less than 12 months.

Program fees start at $39 USD per month and run from anything between one and eight months. The courses are delivered on Coursera's online platform by top companies and universities, including Google, IBM, UCI and SAS. Learners can enrol at any time and progress through the programs at their own pace. Coursera is currently offering 13 Professional Certificate Programs which include hands-on projects allowing students to apply new skills and share completed projects with prospective employers to demonstrate job-readiness. Enrolled students also have access to career support resources, including resume development help and interview preparation. On successful completion, graduates earn the Professional Certificate credential which is industry-recognised in some of the programs on offer.

How does Coursera's Professional Certificate compare with edX's?
The arrival of Coursera's Professional Certificate programs comes 2 years after edX's equivalent credential which launched in 2017. EdX currently offers over 100 Professional Certificates also designed by industry leaders and top universities in a variety of fields, including computer and data science, business and finance, social sciences and more. Typically edX professional certificate programs cost on average around $350 USD and take 2-4 months to complete. See a comparison table of Coursera vs edX Professional Certificate Programs below:

Professional Certificate Programs - Coursera vs edX 900x400.png

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