How do I create a poll?

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    • Navigate to the forum where you wish to create a poll and click on "Post New Thread".
    • Enter a title to your thread in the box provided, and write about your poll in the comments box below the title.

    • Then, scroll down to the "Post a Poll" section.


    • Enter your question and the possible responses in the boxes provided.
    • You can add additional responses by clicking on the "Add Additional Response" tab.
    • Select the number of responses people can give when voting: Single choice, Unlimited or specify a number.
    • Select the options you wish to set for the poll.
    • It's a good idea to preview your poll first by clicking on the "Preview" tab.
    • When you're happy with it, click "Create Thread".
    • You can always go back and edit your poll after creating it by clicking "Edit" next to the poll title question.

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