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About edX MicroMasters

Posted in 'Provider Guide - edX' started by MoocLab, May 29, 2019.

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    Consisting of a series of graduate level courses, the MicroMasters™ programs are geared towards career advancement, providing in-depth learning in a specific career field and are linked to specific career outcomes. Each program has been officially endorsed by an industry leader highlighting the real job relevance of the course. MicroMasters™ credentials also count as credit toward a portion of a degree allowing graduates to apply to an on-campus program that recognizes the credential. The number of credits varies across programs and each university determines the number of credits that will count toward the on-campus degree.

    To receive a MicroMasters™ credential, students are required to earn a verified certificate in the individual courses that are part of the program and, in some cases, complete a capstone exam or project. There are no requirements for eligibility, but some MicroMasters™ programs have prerequisites which can be found on the page for that program.

    The cost of the MicroMasters™ credential varies across programs and range from $600 to $1,500. Information on pricing can be found on the individual program pages.

    Explore MicroMasters here
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