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  • Best for:
    Higher education students & faculty, Professionals, General interest
    Health, Behavior & Society, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Health Policy & Management, International Health, Mental Health, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology, Population, Family & Reproductive Health
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    Course type:
    Self-paced free open courseware
    English, Chinese, Japanese
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    Johns Hopskins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) Open Courseware (OCW) provides open and free access to content from their most popular courses. The site offers over 100 educational resources on 20+ topics from 10 academic departments covering Public Health, such as disease, nutrition, genetics etc. Users also have free access to an image library categorised by subject. The site allows users to browse through a full list of available courses, filter by topic, or select one of 8 curated “Collections” of courses. Content is accessed via the course page which gives a brief description with the added feature of a comments box where users can submit a comment about the course. The educational material includes slides, audio, video, text documents & case studies.

    In addition, the JHSPHOpencourseware website invites users to share their views and experiences with open courseware, and people’s contributions are published for viewers to read.

    Accessing the content does not require any registration and the site does not grant degrees or certificates.

    Tools & Features
    • Search or browse by category
    • 20+ topic areas
    • 100+ courses using slides, audio, video, text documents & case studies
    • Syllabi, schedules, readings & assignments
    • Image library
    • Course Comments box
    • Shared OCW stories
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "User-friendly access to free Public Health courses"
    Number of courses:
    Partner Institutions:
    Course format:
    Social tools & features:
    Interface usability:
    Pros - Large number of free high quality resources
    Easy to navigate
    Clearly structured courses with pleasant layout
    Course commenting system
    Shared stories on open courseware
    Cons - No discussion forums
    No certificates
    JHSPHOpencourseware offers considerably more from their website than most other OCW platforms, with easy navigation and clearly set out courses containing a lot of content. The shared stories on OCW is a nice touch!


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