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MOOC Platform Cognitive Class

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  • Best for:
    Anyone interested in Data Science and Data Engineering
    Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Hadoop, Python, R, Scala, Spark
    Type of learning:
    Skill based
    Course type:
    Free self-paced online courses
    English, Japanese, Spanish,Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin
    Certificate of Completion, IBM Open Digital Badges
    Learning pathways:
    Mobile Apps:

    Cognitive Class (formerly Big Data University) is an IBM initiative to spread big data literacy by providing free access to online courses covering practical skills for working with data. The courses follow the “learn any time” delivery model with no time restrictions to complete them.

    As well as offering course completion certificates, The Big Data University also awards IBM recognized IBM Open Digital Badges at different levels showing the progression of your skills, including the option to gain "ID validated" badges for added recognition. Completion Certificates are offered for any course that is passed. Badges, however, show progression and are only offered after passing different requirements. In many situations, learners will receive both a badge and a completion certificate. These can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile, your site, other social media sites, or even in your email signature.

    Learners can also take validated exams which are proctored fee-based exams at selected BDU Ambassador venues.

    To date IBM have launched three versions of Cognitive Class to address the needs of their world wide audience:
    1. Cognitive Class.ai: the main site aimed at the world at large. It primarily provides courses in English, but does have some courses in Japanese, Spanish and Russian.
    2. BigDataUniversity.com.br: for students in Brazil. It offers courses in Portuguese (so also handy for students from Portugal ).
    3. BigDataUniversity.com.cn: for students in China. It offers courses in Mandarin. The site and all of the course material are hosted in China.

    Please note that Cognitive Class is not an accredited institution (i.e., they do not award degrees).

    Tools & Features
    • 50+ free courses
    • 18 Learning Pathways (with more to come)
    • 700,000+ students
    • Quizzes & timed exams
    • Course completion certificates
    • IBM Open Digital Badges
    • Optional proctered exams (fee-based)
    • Video transcripts
    • Downloadable videos
    • Course progress page
    • Discussion forums & collaborative course wiki
    • Free e-book downloads
    • Events list
    • Blog
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "A good resource to start out in Data Science"
    Number of courses:
    Partner Institutions:
    Course format:
    Social tools & features:
    Interface usability:
    Pros - Free courses delivered by experts in their field
    Learning pathways
    Shareable ID verified badges & certificates
    Cons - Poor instructor delivery in some cases
    Empty discussion forums
    Some bugs & errors
    Cognitive Class (formerly Big Data University) is a good resource for those wishing to start out in Data Science although some of the course delivery could be improved to better suit the beginner level of learners.


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