I'd like to help you brainstorm on how to make revenue, I'd like to see this project succeed


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I'd try to cooperate with already existing student organizations, ad space, asking for exposure directly from student councils, instagram exposure, maybe contacting influencers... brainstorming could go on forever... I wonder if it's not too late though.
Let me know if I can help,
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I have some questions about b2b sales and eCommerce by belkins.io/email-deliverability. Business lead nurturing. Inbound email marketing is about being visible to the client while outbound email marketing focuses on searching for customers. I usually use folderly.com. Quality lead generation requires consistent nurturing of prospects. While it's true that some people do prefer to search online and find a company by their own, there are others who would rather receive information via email. High-quality business lead nurturing services ensure that you remain visible to your customers.
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