software development

  1. edX

    edX Software Engineering: Introduction

    Overview This course, part of the Software Development MicroMasters Program, introduces how teams design, build, and test multi-version software systems. You will learn software engineering principles that are applicable to the breadth of large-scale software systems. The course explores topics...
  2. edX

    edX Software Development Fundamentals

    Overview Software developers are in high demand in the current job market, and computer programming is a prerequisite skill for success in this field. Start your journey toward becoming a professional software developer by learning Java, one of the industry’s most commonly used programming...
  3. edX

    edX Developing International Software

    Overview This course is part of the Professional Certificate: Introduction to Professional Software Development When you’re designing and developing new software, it’s easy to get laser-focused on getting it functional and into the market or deployed as soon as possible. Thus, many engineering...
  4. edX

    edX Writing Professional Code

    Overview This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program in Entry-Level Software Development. “Professional” sounds boring, right? Wrong! Join expert Andrew Byrne, who has more than 25 years of software development experience, and see how fun it can be to apply your coding skills to...
  5. MoocLab

    Software Engineering Essentials

    COURSE DESCRIPTION In this course, we will introduce the basic concepts of object-oriented software engineering. You will learn and apply UML modeling, patterns and project management techniques that are used when developing complex software systems. Length: 8 Weeks Effort: 5-7 hours per week...
  6. MoocLab

    Career Path Software Engineer

    What is a Software Engineer? Software Engineers are responsible for designing, writing, testing, and maintaining computer programs to solve problems for users. They use aspects of mathematics, science, engineering, and design to build, test and evaluate their own systems as well as software...
  7. Carolyn

    MOOCs & Online Courses to Help you Master the Skills Employers are Looking for in 2018

    LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, recently published a list of the 29 most in-demand skills for 2018 based on hiring and recruiting activity on LinkedIn. Leadership was identified as the most in-demand soft skill, whereas Cloud Computing is the #1 hard skill employers are...
  8. MongoDB University

    MOOC Platform MongoDB University

    MongoDB University offers free online courses to teach you how to build and deploy apps on MongoDB which is the leading modern, general purpose database platform, designed to unleash the power of software and data for developers and the applications they build. The online courses are free and...
  9. Carolyn

    Top 10 Professional Certificate Programs on edx

    EdX Professional Certificate programs are series of courses designed by industry leaders and top universities to build and enhance critical professional skills needed to succeed in today's most in-demand fields. The programs typically run over a 2-6 month period, allowing learners to quickly...
  10. Green Harry

    Resource Learning to code for the first time

    I am new to the development field. Want to learn coding. But a bit confused with which programming language should I start. Suggest me.