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What is a Software Engineer?
Software Engineers are responsible for designing, writing, testing, and maintaining computer programs to solve problems for users. They use aspects of mathematics, science, engineering, and design to build, test and evaluate their own systems as well as software built by other people. Often, software engineers specialize in a particular field, such as networks, operating systems, databases or applications, and each field requires expertise in its own set of computer languages and development environments.

What skills do software engineers need?
  • Programming languages: Python, Java, C, Scala
  • Algorithms
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Security
  • Development Methodologies
  • Networks & Databases
  • Computer Organisation
  • Functional Programming & Distributed Systems
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What qualifications do you need to become a software engineer?
Although many software engineers will have a degree in computer science, it is not essential. Having the right skills and building a strong portfolio in the field can be enough to get a job as a software engineer.

How much can a software engineer earn?
According to Indeed, the #1 job site, the average salary for a software engineer in 2018 is £37,660 per year in the United Kingdom and $98,561 per year in the United States.

How do I gain the skills to become a Software Engineer?
The following list of courses provides you with a step-by-step path to help you gain the necessary skills to land a job as a Software Engineer. The open online courses are open to anyone and are delivered by top universities and organisations. Little to no previous experience is required - you can follow the step-by-step path or select the courses that are most relevant to your needs.

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