1. S

    Study Buddy Looking for a disciplined study buddy to keep each other accountable

    Hi, finishing my 3rd year of medical school in Malaysia would love to have a study buddy keeping each other accountable. It will be a bonus if you are preparing for USMLE as well cause I’m taking my step 1 next year.
  2. U

    Study Buddy Medical student - Quiet study buddy

    Hi everyone, I am studying for an exam in August. I must study daily for minimum 8 hours. I use the pomodoro technique. I need someone to just be present in my misery lol…I don’t really care about discussing things or testing/teaching each other or asking how much we got done. I need someone to...
  3. jayexilarch

    Study Buddy Hi, looking for a medicine study buddy

    Hi im at second year of medicine ( im at 3rd year of laws as well) i mainly need a study buddy who i can share knowledge with, and can easily talk in our breaks about interesting things outside the med sphere but still productive such as philosophy, history, sociology or even art, im not really...
  4. J

    Study Buddy Study Buddy for Nursing

    Study Buddy Subject: Nursing/Pre-Med Course I'm studying for: Board Exams Preferred language: English Timezone: GMT +8 About me: Hello! I'm a 4th year Nursing student, looking for somebody to study with. I'm not very particular with the level of knowledge as I would just want a study partner...
  5. Sham101

    Study Buddy Study with me

    Hi, my name is Sharah. I’m taking the NPTE (national physical therapy examination) soon and would like to study seriously but I don’t wanna study alone. Hope you want to study with me
  6. N

    Study Buddy Girls' study group

    Starting a study group on meet for like minded people To motivate each other and become friends possibly. Here's something about me and some interests - 20 y/o - took a gap year - preparing for med school entry test - did a levels - Taylor Swift - books and shows - cats - working out - cooking...
  7. D

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy who can be accountable

    Hello Need a study partner who is preparing for entrance examination. Zoom or google meet call are not necessary, just want a partner who can check on me and vice versa. I use forest app for study we can have session there. We can motivate each other when not in a mood to study. We will set...
  8. heyitspia

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy preferably med or pre-med

    Need a study buddy preferably a med or premed student
  9. A

    Study Buddy Study buddy.

    Hey , I am 3rd year mbbs student and I am here to find a study partner how is from same field but other field people can also join me. If anyone interested ping me
  10. Kirito1382

    Study Buddy Need A Medical Study Buddy

    I am in Final year of MBBS. Still not yet started preparation.To be precise Didn't even Remove the packaging cover of the book.I need a study partner to start and continue my preparation. I don't think I am suitable for the study groups.
  11. mansour_fx

    Study Buddy looking for study buddy , medical student

    hi there , im medical student in second year , looking for study buddy , to study together share motivation , and be in touch in discord or in google meet , who wants to be , send me any account to be in touch , to start
  12. I

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy for TUS (Medical Specialty Exam)

    Hi! I want to study for 6-8 hours a day, but I can't focus because I am used to studying in libraries. If you are also looking for someone to motivate you and study together, please send me a message.
  13. Suramisu

    Study Buddy Looking for a female study bud (10+ hours of studying)

    Hey, I'm a driven and hardworking medical student preparing for an entrance exam. I'm looking for a study partner(medical or non medical field) for accountability and motivation( preferably female). My time zone is UTC+5. Thank you!
  14. Hasnat2021

    Study Buddy Study Buddy Wanted!!

    Hello guys, I am a 5th-year medical student. I need a regular study buddy, especially from a medical background. I want to study for long (but not so long) periods with the Pomodoro technique. If someone interested, please let me know. Thank you.
  15. D

    Study Buddy Medical Student looking for a study partner (Related or not to medical field). Currently preparing for USMLE Step 1

    Hi I'm looking for a study partner to study with regularly for around 6 hours(even more if we get along) each day. I am 4th year international medical student preparing for USMLE STEP 1. So we can have some companionship and accountability. We can share our schedules at the beginning, study via...
  16. R

    Study Buddy looking for physio/medicine study buddy

    Anyone be intrested Ill be studying Human Physiology all the time if you don't care or you interested in Physiology drop me a message ill be around
  17. R

    Study Buddy In need for a medicine basic year studyBuddy

    Hey I am Rashad, a 2nd-year medicine student from Jordan looking for a study buddy to motivate each other and study together my timezone is +3 GMT need some medical student to study with, make study plans and schedule, socialize and talk, and motivate each other so please inform me if you're...
  18. S

    Study Buddy Study partner to help me stay on track!!!

    You can be studying whichever course/ programs/ exams. Just want someone to study with so that we can be motivated to study live together. We can take breaks together or not, but having a person there studying live together will motivate me to study together. Let's ace the assessments together...
  19. widesmile89

    Study Buddy USMLE Step 1 Study Partner over Skype (no need for webcam) Screen Sharing and Discussion + MCQs.

    I'm willing to do 8 hours daily (except Fridays) from my 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. time zone 3+ GMT (Saudi Arabia) Can adjust for you if you are serious.
  20. Potatobrain

    Study Buddy Hi everyoneeee!

    Hi everyone! I am Ju and currently a 3rd year Medicine Student. I am just looking for some people I can study with since online schooling is hard in the comfort of our homes.